Patriot Poem: Thomas Jefferson

Was a Primary Author of the Declaration of Independence.

Young delegate to the Second Continental Congress.

Was elected governor of Virginia.

Had six kids.

Thomas Jefferson

Was a Lawyer.

Elected to Congress in 1783.

Wrote “Notes On The State Of Virginia.”

On January 1, 1772 he married Martha Wayles Skelton.

Hour of Code Reflection

I was on Google Logo Hour of Code lesson. I learned that there is all different kinds of ways you can make Google Logos, it was fun making your on Google Logo however you wanted to.

Life in 5th Grade

5th grade has lots of new things from 4th grade… for example: We have bathroom passass, we have 5 teachers, there’s no writing staar, we take are backpacks to every class, we have hall meetings, there’s a science staar, we get more involved with American history and science, and even more different things. This year i’m looking forward in doing lots of science experiments, passing all of the staar tests, getting A’s, become better at reading and science, read more, I want to make new friends in school, church, etc. I want to do whatever I can do to get ready for middle school next year! It’s very, very, VERY hard without Jenna this year, but i really hope sometime this year me and my Mom can go visit her in Tennessee. I hope that I can get more involved with Volleyball and dance as well. I know that 5th grade might be harder than 4th but, if you just listen to your teachers, do what you’re told and be kind to EVERYONE then you’ll have a great and fun year, trust me!! I’m very excited for the things that we will do in 5th grade, and I hope 5th grade will be a year I will remember.

Indian Blanket/Firewheel

The Indian Blanket’s Scientific Classification is: Asteracecae. The Indian Blanket’s Scientific name is: Gaillardia pulchella. The Indian Blanket grows everywhere in Texas, but it also grows everywhere in the United States. The Indian Blanket has red petals, with yellow petals on the edges. The blooming period for the Indian Blanket is: May-September. The height of the Indian Blanket is: 1  1/2-2 Feet. Suggested uses for the Indian Blanket is: roadsides, drainage, ditch slopes. open fields, and mixes. 2 interesting facts about the Indian Blanket: 1. You can find the Indian Blanket’s at the beach. 2. When you put these flowers in a vase they stay alive for about six-ten days.





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