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Mrs. Larue

“Hi everyone, I’m Skylar Rainbow, Snort City’s news reporter.” “Today I’m going to be doing a report on Mrs. Larue, and her crazy story about her dog, Ike.” “Hi Mrs. Larue!” “How are you today?” “Well, I’m doing great today!” “That’s good, I’m doing great, myself.” ” So, now talk about your dog, Ike.” “Well,  I sent Ike to obidence school to become an even better dog than he already was.” “Then I found out that he ran away from there, and I got really worried cause I didn’t know where he he could of went.” “Well, then it was like a couple months later, he came back.” “I was sooo happy I had tears of joy!!” “When I found him I was walking across the street on the way home from the bakery, all sassy like I always do, and this car came out of no where and almost hit me.” “Luckily Ike came and saved my life.” “He got in lots of trouble from running away, but I was also really happy he was home, so for dinner we had our favorite meal, Chick-Fil-A!!” ”  Wow what an amazing story Mrs. Larue, thank you so much for sharing!!!” “The End!”