Indian Blanket/Firewheel

The Indian Blanket’s Scientific Classification is: Asteracecae. The Indian Blanket’s Scientific name is: Gaillardia pulchella. The Indian Blanket grows everywhere in Texas, but it also grows everywhere in the United States. The Indian Blanket has red petals, with yellow petals on the edges. The blooming period for the Indian Blanket is: May-September. The height of the Indian Blanket is: 1  1/2-2 Feet. Suggested uses for the Indian Blanket is: roadsides, drainage, ditch slopes. open fields, and mixes. 2 interesting facts about the Indian Blanket: 1. You can find the Indian Blanket’s at the beach. 2. When you put these flowers in a vase they stay alive for about six-ten days.





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